Building Products with Purpose

Product-Led, Data-driven, Design thinking PM skilled at Strategising, Leading and Delivering meaningful products for users and revenues for businesses

Ideas 🤝 Execution

Managing stakeholders, management & founders

I can work as a valuable partner to founders, stakeholders, leaders and peers, and work alongside them to build a successful go-to-market.

Designing, organising & evolving teams

I understand team topology, processes that make your product delivery successful, and tools that help you have the visibility of what's working.

Building a Product Vision & Strategy

I can help to design an ambitious product vision that motivates those around you, and a strategy that makes that vision a reality.

Setting Goals and Objectives

I understand how to use OKRs and other KPIs to make your team accountable, and how to connect them to your product strategy.

Managing cross functional teams

I have experience managing product teams within cross-functional setups, and how to manage PMs to get teams working more closely together.


Budgeting, hiring & onboarding PMs

I understand the process of managing your hiring budget, finding & hiring PMs, and successfully onboarding them into your product organisation.

Mentoring and coaching your PMs

Understand how to give feedback, design one-on-one’s with your team, manage their career and measure their success.
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CI & Adapt 🚀

Throughout my career I’ve maintained a focus on studies, up-skilling and keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest approaches to building product’s, businesses and ecosystems. Formal qualifications are in Business and Design while Certifications are Technical and always evolving.


I achieved my MBA at Henley Business School (UK). My thesis was Business Value Creation through Innovation Systems.

BSc in Design & Dev

I hold a bachelors degree in digital design and development from the Dublin Institute of Technology

MSc in Leadership & Innovation

I have Masters in Technology Leadership and Innovation specialising in Strategy

API's, Apps x everything connected 🛰️

I take a holistic view to what I work on. I’ve worked with Architects and Engineers to build products in Travel, Consumer Electronics, Health Care, the Digital Office and the Smart Home. Combining Data, Design and clever Engineering I l look at “everything as an ecosystem”. This is a 360 radar for the implication of direct and indirect decisions.

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