If you’re visiting my site then you know I work in tech. I’ve spent the past 16 years involved in Mobile and Fixed communications making decisions based on data before it was even a thing. Keeping abreast with emerging technologies and user behaviour is my thing. I’m passionate about what I do and I’m also an advocate of the connected age we live in. Sometimes people like to tell me they prefer Android over iOS, MacOS over Windows.. thats fine and choice and opinion are both wonderful things to have. My core belief is that technology should solve problems and add value in our lives. This is precisely what brands advertise to encourage you to buy their products. Often were disappointed, particularly if the technology is new but ever more increasingly we are delighted. Infact, products and services now make our lives so easy we take incremental progress as granted. I decided to take a step back and look at my digital day ;

I work with BT in London but I live in Galway in Ireland. Every week I travel and life is demanding so I use a series of tools, services and devices to keep me on track. Heres what that looks like …

Its Sunday evening and I’m in Galway, Ireland ..

Hotel Check-in – I’ve already made a reservation at the @DoubleTree Hilton, Hyde Park. I just need to check in via the app and select my exact room preference so I get a good one facing the park. I can even book an @UBER though the app. That will be handy later.

Flight Check-in – I fly @ShannonAirport > @Heathrow with @Aerlingus. Thankfully they have updated their app. So I check in, select my seat and add the booking to my wallet for later. Its now reflected on my Apple watch which is handy when I’m at my gate.

Leaving for the airport – Hitting the road is pretty simple. My @Tado detects that I’m gone so the heat will now be turned off as my GPS indicates I’m away from home. My @Homeboy cameras kick in. As I’m away from home I need to know the premises is safe so there are a series of cloud and app connected IP cameras in operation. Philips @Hue also detected I’m on my way so my lighting behaviours (via home kit) are set to away.

Enroute to the airport – I have a meeting with a colleague in the morning and he’s asked me if I’m ok to catch up Sunday evening on the phone. Not a problem but I use my international calling plan heavily so maybe IP over 4G this time. @VodafoneIreland have great coverage for ‘some” of my journey and it won’t be a long call so I call him on FaceTime Audio using Siri to request the call.

Airport Security – I have to shed my digital armoury at this point. Off with the watch. Out with the laptop and the iPad etc. at least when I reached security I just waved the barcode on my wrist to enter the main area.

Boarding – By this point @Appintheair has notified me of my gate (its gate 6. It never changes but its good to know the app works). I’m a gold member so I take my place in the priority queue and I use my new EU Passport Card as ID so theres no fussing about. Beep, the Apple Watch has been scanned and I’m through to boarding.

Flying – This is my golden hour. There are 2h in the week where I am completely out of contact and they are both in the air. I pop on my @Bose noise cancelling headphones (QC-35) and I connect up to my 4G iPad Mini. I’m studying the @HenleyMBA so usually the trip to the UK means I’m reading the core text of the moment or taking notes for my next assignment. If I’m not doing that then I’m planning my weeks tasks in @Wunderlist as as I have everything connected with @TripIt and @IFTTT the skeleton plan is already there I just need to organise my time and make sure I have the necessary GPS based or time based reminders set. I love this focus and not many people know this but I’m a big Jazz fan, it really helps me think an having @AppleMusic really is indispensable for me.

Its Sunday night and I’m in London, England ..

Arrival at Heathrow – Quick SIM swap to very impressive @EE 4G network. Now for some shopping. Just after arrivals there is a small @marksandspencer. Its great for picking up snacks like nuts, salad and milk for the week. I pop in, pick up some bits and beep Apple pay on my watch has taken care of everything.

The Train – I need to get to Paddington quick. I have big climb in Africa with @EarthsEdge in a few weeks so every chance to get to the gym at the moment I take. I hold a Carnet ticket for the @HeathrowExpress it last a few weeks and their app is Wallet compatible. Onboard the ticket guy wants to check my ticket. I’m running the new WatchOS3 due out in September so within one click, a swipe and I’m in wallet and my ticket is at the top. That took 4 seconds and my ticket is scanned.

The interruptions – I have a @Ring doorbell. Its a Video doorbell that uses my WiFi to connect to an App on my phone. It seems to be a sales guy from an electricity company. I have 4G coverage so I can see him and talk to him and send him on his way. @Parcel notified me that a @Ebay order has arrived in Ireland @Facebook notified me that lots of nonsense has happened. @Number26 (my personal German bank) notified me that x3 transactions have been processed while i was offline.

Arrival in Paddington – I didn’t get much of a chance to eat today. I know I shouldn’t but theres this wonderful place in Paddington that serves heated filled Croissants. I’ve decided I’ll go for one and a bottle of water. Apple Pay to the rescue again! A swipe of the wrist and I’m on my way.

Cab to hotel – I don’t normally do this. The rain is coming down heavy, my @TNF jacket is tucked away in my hard case. Its @UBER time. I have a car booked in seconds and he’s going to meet me at the front of the Hilton hotel. Great, I won’t get wet. As I go I’ve received x2 work emails. Short answers but I’ve replied and I can put the phone down for the night in respect work.

Arrival at hotel – The staff recognise me and greet me with a warm cookie. My room is pre selected however my @HiltonHHonors status means that if theres an upgrade available I get it so I’m bumped up to the top of the house which I’m very happy with. This is a really good experience and the app really helps to join the dots and set my expectations. The only thing missing is the capacity to use my watch as my room key.

My room and Gym time – Its been a long day so far. I’ve got to my room and connected to the WiFi. The first thing I do is video FaceTime with my Son. He is 2 and he loves chatting to me on FaceTime when I’m away. Its nearly his bedtime so its the only chance I’ll get before I hit the gym. The quality is great and I just love video calling. I can’t understand why we still voice call. Down to the hotel gym I go. I have a set routine. 20 min on the treadmill. 20 min on the bike and weights. Most of this I capture on my Apple watch (which is surprisingly accurate) and this syncs with Apple Health so I can keep track of cal’s burnt. I use @SworKit as my go to routines app and I’m either connected to my iPhone or Apple Watch listening to Podcasts (quite often @tferriss) or one of my @AppleMusic playlists. I use the @Jabra Sport bluetooth headset and it is a brilliant all round headset.

Sleep – I use the breath app on the Apple Watch during the day. I’m not big into meditation but I know quite a bit about breathing exercises from years of running marathons around the world. Its a great little reminder to take a minute to focus. It helps bring me back to earth and adjust to bed time. For the next 20 or so minutes I read on my Kindle. I know, I travel with an iPad and a Kindle? The iPad is great at many things but the @AmazonKindle is a far superior reading device and since I picked the new touchscreen version up I’ve been reading so much more. The final step is to make sure everything is charging. I strap on my @misfit Shine to monitor my sleep and I ask Siri to wake me at 6:30 AM.


Thats the bulk of my digital day. Many of the tools I use simply replace analog with digital. Deliver instant gratification or simply keep me connected and available in the least stressful way possible. For me it works very well and I’m always looking to refine the process and reduce any stressful elements either now or later. I’m genuinely grateful for the advances were making in connectivity, services and convenience. When services are available, reliable and affordable people simply use them. Theres an incredible tapestry of solutions delivered to the palm of our hands through connectivity and I can’t wait to see what my day looks like in say 2 years time.

Take care, Brian


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