Be Ambitious

It all comes down to taste. It comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done and then try to bring those things in to what you’re doing.

UPDATE! I'm interested in hearing from IoT device vendors for Vodafones new Global IoT Marketplace #WorksWithV. Visit my LinkedIn now to connect. 

March 25, 2019

Seeking the best IoT products + Product Managers at VbyVodafone

October 25, 2017

Life as advertised – A day in my connected life (e.2017)

Brian is

... experienced in Commercialising Emerging Technologies. He excels in three domains; Business, Technology and User Experience Design. He has been at the forefront of the Broadband revolution shaping industry regulation, bringing the latest technologies and propositions to market and designing both award winning hardware and software. He holds an MSc and a Henley MBA*. Brian also dedicates personal time to environmental, community and societal causes.

Ways of working

Over my career I've worn several hats. It's required me to be dynamic, open to new ways of working, thinking and leading. My vision has always been to prioritise the customer, strive to bring simplicity to complexity and always dream out loud.

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Be Resourceful

Speaking the language of Designers, Developers and Engineers while understanding Market Dynamics, Commercials, Business modelling, Customer needs and Media is a decision making toolkit I’ve acquired over time. It is augmented by education. Here are some examples of recent projects in Design, Innovation and NPD.

Experience Design

Building the UX at the heart of the Vodafone home

At Vodafone I led a flagship programme to deliver a connected home experience to differentiate Vodafone's new market entry in consumer broadband. The challenge entailed delivering secure hardware, firmware and an iOS/Android mobile applications and remote connectivity Find out more


Designing the future of connectivity
Connectivity is at the heart of society. Societies understanding and expectation of connectivity is rapidly evolving. Enabling the BTHub with LTE bonding opened the door to realising its full potential. Using the lighting fast EE LTE network BT can now build a portfolio of propositions to meet societies evolving demands, improve coverage, provide resilience and utilities solutions in even the most remote areas Find out more




New Business Development

Innovation in practice

Working in O2 Telefonica's Innovation team is where I found my expertise branch outside telecoms and design. Building Proof of Concept's, Business models and running meticulous user Trials provided me invaluable insight into opportunities that exist inMusic, Education, Digital Advertising, Moving Pictures, Health, Telematics, Payment Services (O2 money), Gaming, Digital Home, and Digital Office Find out more



Be Engaged

The advantage of being a modern professional is you can chose to work on what you love and the appropriate platforms to share that passion. Sharing knowledge, creating stories from data and working / meeting with the most inspiring minds are areas I like to explore and share.


Airports, boardrooms, mountains, marathons, learnings and other adventures all neatly edited for Youtube to look far more glamorous than they probably are. Coming soon


I'm genuinely fascinated by people, what forms their opinions and their journey to who they are.The goal is to understand the best of the best and the routines, logic and tactics they use tosucceed. Coming soon


Events, Press & Presentations

My career and my passion for creating a better, more connected and sustainable society has afforded me great insight.. Occasionally I've had the opportunity to speak on these subjects. This is my archive. Coming soon

The SmartCity Project

I am in the early stages of developing a Political Economy Framework for utilising Urban Data. Ultimately IoT, AI, ML and Smart Cities aim to improve the lives of humans through automation, assistance and wellness. However, many cities struggle to overcome a lack of expertise to capitalise early on such revolutionary technologies. I aim to deliver actionable insights, models and a practical working project that enhances Citizen wellness, SmartGov education and SmartCity feasibility.

This project is currently in the concept stage. Please visit to contribute.

Be Balanced

Underpinning even the most recent ways of working requires a solid foundation across disciplines. I've aimed to balance working on innovative projects, developing core skills and complimenting experience with the relevant certifications.


Commercialising technologies in a modern business is complex. Regulatory compliance, disruptive tech, fast moving competitors and slow enterprise system release cycles. I have equally as much experience building businesses cases, P&L's and Roadmaps as managing internal challenges and navigating the external threats. These consultive business skills are supported by an MBA from Henley Business School*.


Working across the product spectrum has given me wide angled exposure bringing products to market from concept right through to retirement. Exposure in ways of working from agile to establishing business procedure in supply chain operations. My experience is underpinned by an MSc in Technology Management & Innovation from Dublin Institute of Technology. In addition to a Post Grad in Technology Commercialisation from NUI Galway.

User Experience

For over 16 years UX has been centre of every product, service, app and piece of hardware I have worked with. Ultimately the success of a product is not just the perceived value to the customer but it's the ongoing experience that resonates and sees the customer return, recommend and delight. Every product was researched, tested, and analysed with the latest thinking in mind and a number have received international awards. 

Mountains. Marathons. Early Mornings.

Fortunate enough to be a world Marathon Majors All-Star having competed across the globe from Boston to Tokyo. My next personal ambition is to climb the 7 highest summits of the world and raise awareness for environmental causes. Adventure blog

Be inspired

I am deeply committed to my career and the advancement of society and industry through technology. I'm also committed to contributing in my local community and ambitious to present the steps taken to produce positive change for wider adoption. I hope to inspire others to make change locally and share their learnings also.

The Fitzsimons Foundation

Founded in 2017 the foundation is a ambitious programme to utilise technology to solve societal and environmental challenges. More on this initiative coming very soon.

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